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Best Dog Poop Bags in Amazon


Dogs are great. They're loyal, they have excellent taste in restaurants, and they love to run around the yard with a tennis ball in their mouth. That last one is the most important thing about dogs: It's how you play fetch with them! Dog owners know what I'm talking about. We all chase after that ball for hours, hoping that at some point our dog will drop it so we can throw it again…and again…and again until our arms get tired and we just collapse on the grass while our dog keeps running around being adorable like he doesn't even notice that his owner is dying on the ground after chasing him all over town for three hours straight because he won't give up his precious toy once he gets started playing with it!

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are biodegradable, so they'll break down and decompose in your compost without any harmful effects. They're also leak-proof, strong, and durable—you can use them to pick up even the messiest piles of poop without having to worry about leaving behind a trail of garbage.Earth Rated Dog Poop Dogs are leak-proof, which means no chance of poop on your hands.It is also extra long, extra strong bags to accommodate any size poop. These bags are designed to fit our dispenser, or any standard sized dispenser like a glove.Official Earth Rated dispenser made to fit our rolls of 9"x13" poop bags in both lavender scented and unscented. Perfect for small, medium and large dogs.

If you want to keep your dog's waste off of your lawn and out of landfills for good (and who doesn't?) then Earth Rated is a great option for keeping things clean and green.

Based on Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with 154,373 reviews.

Customers’ Feedback

Let us go over some of the customer’s feedback about Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags:

“I've been using these for 2 years, I give them FIVR STARS and here's why: My neighborhood has no doggy waste bins, so we're stuck carrying a bag of poop for the length of the walk, and these bags help ease the pain. The green color makes them fairly discreet, unlike others that shout to the world "Look, at me, I'm a neon bag of dog crap!" These bags also do a good job of containing the stinkiness! I've had to double bag on a few rather "special" occasions, but on the average day, they work great. So great in fact, that I buy the larger version for scooping the cat litter boxes, toss it in a little bin/ DIY diaper genie to take it out later. I sometimes forget to scoop the litter boxes because there is no smell to remind me. The perforation is pretty decent too! A neighbor gave me some of her leftover bags and I was surprised at how difficult they were to break off, it really took some effort. These are MUCH easier! I always pre-open bags to avoid having to deal with it in the moment, but I do think these would be ok in a poop bag dispenser where you tear them off on the spot. I recently bought a dog walking purses for the 13yr old who helps me with my pets and I'm adding a box of these bags because any dog walking entrepreneur should know about this product. I know I could get dollar store bags or freebies from the park, but I will continue to buy these because they're well worth it!”

“I never thought I'd be leaving a review for a dog poop bag, but here I am. These bags are great and as described. I have a med-large dog. I was primarily using arm and hammer bags, but I always hated how thin they were. I had purchased another set of no-name bags and to my horror they were see through! As dog owners we gotta pick up, and I get it. But I could not get over feeling through the thin bag, and of course seeing it.”

“I've purchased the original clip on holder and the big box of replacement rolls (2-3 times now) and they get used! On walks, one bag will hold one adult Golden Retriever's worth, which is quite a bit. The holder Velcros on to your belt or belt loop and has stayed tight since I bought it. The clip holds two, full bags of adult Golden Retriever poo comfortably. Any more than that would probably be too much to fit on the hands-free clip. The bags are excellent with turning inside out to pick up poop and then reversing to tie it off. I usually can't smell anything after that and nothing has leaked even in the summer. The replacement rolls are easy to put in. I recommend the clip and bags.”


With so many dog poop bags available, it can be tricky to find the right ones. We’ve done some research and found the best dog poop bags on Amazon that are perfect for both small and large dogs.

Informative post:

Dog poop bags are a necessity for anyone who owns a pet. It is important to keep your yard clean from waste but also make sure you have plenty of these bags on hand when you walk your dog or take them outside for exercise purposes. If you have never used this type of product before then consider following



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